Your Music. Assimilated.

The easiest way to control your music at home. No complicated setup or expensive equipment needed. Dock an iPod, download the free app*, and control your iPod music for up to 300ft.

* Free Cyborg app made for Apple, Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet devices.

Why Cyborg

Make it a social event

Music uninterupted

Save your phone (& wallet)

• Cyborg creates a personal network that may be shared with others.


• When in range, friends can view the music content of the docked iPod on thier mobile device.


• Use the DJ feature to accept playlist and song requests from your friends. 


• You even have the option to share playback control of the iPod with those that you choose.

• Makes use of your iPod, even the old ones. After all, you spent a lot of time customizing the music on it.


• No worries about music buffering due to communication drop out.


• Enjoy music without commercial interuptions.


• Choose your music instead of having a streaming service dictate it for you.

• Save precious battery life. You don't need to stream music from your phone.


• Save memory. Cyborg will handle all your iPod music, so you can store just your favorite playlists on your phone.


• You already paid for the music on your iPod. Forget paying monthly fees to have it stored online. 


• You don't need to use your data plan to stream music from the internet.

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